Me and Steven Curtis Chapman: The Sequel

17 Sep

About three and a half weeks ago, I wrote about an experience in which God spoke to me about my attitude through the new Steven Curtis Chapman song, Everything You Do.  If you haven’t read that one yet, you need to or this one won’t make as much sense.  Me and Steven Curtis Chapman.

Christian radio has a tendency to overplay hit songs.  SCC’s (Steven Curtis Chapman) new song is poppy and fun, and it has a lot of JPMs (Jesus Per Minute…mentions of God or Jesus).  It should be getting a lot of play.  I have searched the Christian radio dial for it since that day I heard it, and to no avail.  I eventually stopped looking…yesterday.  So, of course, on the drive back from school the song comes on the radio.  This time God used the song to give me a new message.  Well, the same message but a new context.

Unlike last time that I heard the song, today was an awesome day.  It was a great day of teaching.  I had fun.  The students learned what I needed them to learn.  I had two great observations by assistant principals.  I was even picked for teacher of the week by one of the assistant principals (something our school does).  On top of that, I did not have to go pick LA up, and I was able to come straight home to rest a bit before needing to go get NB.  Oh, and I had a reprieve from my allergy attacks today.  All in all, a really good day.

As I drove, happy to hear the song again and singing along when I could remember words (I have heard it online since the first time), I really wasn’t trying to find a message from God.  I got one anyway.

The chorus came on, “Do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you…”  The thought came to me that I am good at knowing I need help to do this when I am having a “bad day.”  When my attitude is rotten I know that my thoughts are on me and that I need to change that.  But what about good days?  Where is my focus?  What is my attitude?  Am I doing what I am doing for the “glory of the One who made” me?  Or am I celebrating a triumph of self?

I think I felt as nailed by the song this time as my I-hate-driving day.   It is quite possible that I am more selfish and self-seeking on good days than bad (okay, not possible, but this is the actual reality).  When life is “coming up Joe,” I don’t always think about God’s glory…I think more about Joe’s glory.  Even when I do thank God for the day and know it is from him, I think the motivation still has some selfishness tied up in it.

I think this is evidence, for me, of what Paul meant when he quoted Isaiah (I think) in Romans when he said that “our righteousness is filthy rags” before God.  Even when we are doing right, it is not totally about God.  When things are going good in our lives, we are serving others, we are making right choices there is still selfishness and pride attached to it.  We still need the work of the Holy Spirit to help us truly give the glory only to God.

This did not destroy my “good day,” but it did help focus it.  It made me realize what I already know, I need Jesus.  I am unable to do this without his sacrafice and resurrection.  I can’t really give him glory outside of the purifying work of the Spirit.  And I am glad for this.  Becuase if I could do it on my own, I could take some of the glory.  I don’t want that ability.  That was the sin that got Satan kicked out of Heaven (I realize some people may have never heard Satan’s “back story”…maybe I will post on that some time).

Here is the video of the song, by the way.

What about you?  What do you think about this?  I have been pretty honest about my falling short in giving God glory.  Where do you fall short?  Do you notice it more on “good days” or “bad days?”  What is a time that you noticed this and what did God teach you through it?

Side Lesson: I had to stop writing this to go pick up NB yesterday and did not get to start back up until this morning.  In the meantime, God pointed something out to me about why I heard the song yesterday and why he gave me these thoughts specifically yesterday.  I posted in the morning asking for people to give me some feedback on my blog.  God spoke to my heart and told me that he gave me the song and message as a comment on that post.  He wants me to keep writing.  And to that I say, “Yes sir.”

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