Happy Two Month-iversary, OneCupOfJoe!

25 Sep

Tomorrow will mark the two-month mark for my blog.  I have kept at it!  For a classic non-finisher, two months is a pretty cool milestone!  Maybe I am finally seeing some growth in my persistance.  This blog is helping me.  More than that, my wife supporting my blogging habit and the Spirit teaching me lessons to share is all keeping this thing together and sustaining me in this endevor.

To mark this milestone, I have decided to do a post round-up from the last two months.  I am going to highlight a few posts that stand out to me for various reasons.  Maybe you will find one you missed that you might like!  Pick one from the round-up, read it, re-read it, comment, and share it with someone.

  • My orginial post, The Great Coffee Famine of 2011, started this whole thing off.  It is the story of how coffee addiction taught me more about myself and God.
  • The Monitor and the Incredible Yelling Boy was the first of the lessons from being my son’s father that I have shared on here.  This one is about how we approach God and what he might be teaching us about himself when we think he is not answering.
  • The Chronicles of OneCupOfJoe: The Lion, The Snake, and The Crawl Space is a lesson I learned while going through the study called The Lord’s Table.  It is about sin and how we sometimes overlook it in our lives.
  • Action Hero Jesus is one of my personal favorite posts.  This is the picture of Jesus that helps put the view of my life and my place in Jesus is to the right perspective and pushes me to a spirit of worshiping our Savior!
  • My Time Travel Testimony is my most personal post.  This is my testimony.  It is my story of how Jesus utterly and completely changed my life and I will never be the same again.  If you only read one post of mine ever in your life, this would be the one I hope you read.  I love to share the story of my salvation!
  • The Prodigal Toddler and the Sad Daddy is about how a situation with my son reminded me of the story of the prodigal sons.  There are two sons in the parable.  The younger son accepted the father’s love, and the older didn’t.  My life is the story of the older brother.  I have joined the party now, though, and I love to share about this.
  • Poverty: An Imbalance of Opportunity was a guest post by my friend, Joey Espinosa.  He is giving his life away in the service of others in the poorest county in my state, and this is some of his reflections on why he is there.
  • Weed Known This for a Lawn Time is one of the least viewed post.  Please check it out and show it a little love.  It is about the sin in our lives and what we do and don’t do about it.
  • September 10th is a lesson learned from the tragic events on 9/11.  This has been, by far, my most viewed post.  Check it out again and share it with others.
  • Something Better Than 5 Hour Energy was the most popular post of the past week.  It is about pouring out your life for the sake of others.

Thank you, all my readers, for your supporting my need to write and share what God teaches me!


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