October 9th Blog Post Round-Up

09 Oct

Still feeling under the weather today.  I decided to do another post round-up.  This one will only be about the posts since last time I did this.  Check out the ones you may have missed.

  • A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s— this post is a couple of paragraphs and link to the original post by another blogger.  It is a challenge to rethink the “plan of salvation.”  Worth giving a look.
  • September 27th: A Day I Will Never Forget–something really cool happened as I have been reading through the Bible.  In the Sept. 27th reading, the Old and New Testament readings lined up perfectly.  An awesome moment showing that the Bible is one book with one message.
  • Heart Surgery With a Broadsword–this one was hard to write.  This lesson and challenge was, and still is, heavy on my heart.  It is about the way we approach the sins of other people and use the Bible to do this.  I would love for you to read this one and give some feedback.
  • I am Lucy Pevensie–this is dear on my heart.  It is about an experience last weekend when I my heart was burdened for my friends and family that are not believers of Christ.  It is a cool picture God gave me to communicate my feelings and a heartfelt prayer for the lost in my life.
  • The Virtuous Moped–the Spirit taught me a huge lesson in humility and patience last week.  This is about how a God used a moped to put me in my place.
  • Sesame Street vs. The Church–Sesame Street intoduced a character for an episode about hunger.  I think this is awesome, but it got me thinking about the church’s role in fighting hunger.
  • Can I Get There From Here?–this is the one from yesterday.  It is about the ascension of Jesus into heaven, how it must have been to be there, and how it is so hard for us to fathom from where we are.

Please check a few out, comment, and share the links with others!

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