The Morning Choice

26 Nov

God has been trying to teach me something as of late. I think I have been avoiding the lesson. That in of itself is proof of what God has been trying to teach me.

I am selfish. I mean really full of myself. I think my life is about me. I know I should know better. God has made it obviously apparent that nothing in my life has been a product of myself.

My family, my job, my house, my cars, and everything else are all real gifts from God. And I really mean this. I don’t say this in the “Oh all of life are gifts from God” kind of way. Everything I have and am has come from his leading, his timing, or actual gifts (I have two vehicles that I did not pay for).

I mean my life almost literally mimics that of the history of Israel. They were literally lead, gifted, and blessed by God for everything. Unfortunately, I mimic them in other ways, as well. Which brings me to my point.

In recent mornings I have had this overwhelming feeling of the choice I have to make before my feet even ever hit the floor. Whom will I choose to serve today? Will it be me? Will it be my wants and needs? Or will it be God? Will I choose to look to Jesus? Will I choose to listen to and obey the Spirit?

The bigger question is probably more about trust. Will I utterly and absolutely trust God today, who has blessed me and given me all that I need spiritually and physically? Or will I trust me, who has really given me nothing that is good?

Who will I choose today?

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2 responses to “The Morning Choice

  1. pstok

    November 27, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    You are right, because of our brokenness it is a daily challenge. But God is faithful …

    • ragamuffinjoe

      December 15, 2011 at 11:01 am

      God is faithful, and he is the only one who can truly help us make the right choice each morning.


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