Toddler Logic: The Three Bears

21 Dec

Okay, today’s post is not going to be about my Christmas thoughts.  It is not even going to have any spiritual lesson.  It is just something funny that came out of the mind of my almost three year-old son.  I love how his thoughts are so simple and logic is straight to the point.  I wish I could think like him sometimes!

As a teacher, I get to enjoy time off at Christmas.  This year, we are keeping my son out of daycare, so I am spending my days with him.  Yesterday, I after we dropped LA off at work, we went to a place near there called The Children’s Garden.  It is a cool little park that has a garden that is set up alphabetically with signs talking about each plant, statues of several nursery rhymes and stories, colorful paths near the river, and little instrument things the kids can play.  We sat and ate our breakfast there.

Where we sat was across from a house with three bear statues outside of it.  It was obviously for the story of the Three Bears.  When we walked past it, NB kept asking, “Can we go-in?”  (He kind of slurs “go” and “in” together…it is cute)  I just kept telling him that it was not a real house, there is no doors, and it is for the story of the Three Bears.  He would just say, “Oh.”  A few minutes later, he would ask again.

So we sat to eat, and he kept looking at the house.  He asked again, “Can we go-in there?”

I explained it all to him again.

“Oh,” he replied, again, and then looked at the bear statues.  After a couple of minutes he looks at me and says, “The bears can’t go-in there.”

I said, “That’s right.  It is just for show.  The house doesn’t have doors, and the bears are not real.”

“Oh.”  He looks at the house and bears for a while.  “The bears can’t go in there.”

“That’s right.”

A pause.  “The bears can’t go in their beacuse they can’t open doors,” NB says very matter-of-factly.

I laugh, “That is right.  You are very smart.  You don’t think bears can open doors?”

Still with a look that says he has figured out something obvious that I should have already known beause I am his Daddy, “No, they can’t.  They don’t have any keys.”

I don’t know that he has ever made me laugh harder.  That was awesome…however, he was still looking at me with a sense of logic wondering why I was laughing.  I calmed down, trying not to make him feel bad.  He really was trying to figure this out.  So I responded, trying not to laugh anymore, “No, you are right.  They don’t have keys.”

The logic and faith of a child is something I wish I could have more of.  I am just glad I get this time to see it and experience it with NB (and soon to be ID).


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2 responses to “Toddler Logic: The Three Bears

  1. heather nelson

    December 21, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    What a sweet story…loved just hearing in the writing how much you were just enjoying your sweet boy today!

    • ragamuffinjoe

      December 21, 2011 at 9:59 pm

      We have been having fun. Today we wrestled. I have to start preparing him for the life of an older brother. I did warn him that he will have to wait quite a few years to wrestle with the baby.


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