Post-Christmas Protest and Boycott

31 Dec

Okay, I started writing this a few days ago.  I got sidetracked, but I wanted to get these thoughts out before I write anything else.  Hopefully I can remember all that I meant to say.  Happy New Year!!  In case I forget to say it at the end.  🙂

If you have been reading my blog this Christmas, you can see that it has been quite a reflective time for me.  I didn’t even share half of what God has been teaching me and showing me.  I wanted to blog it all, but I ran out of time.  I even started writing a few that never got finished.  Life does not always make room for writing.  As I lamented not sharing all I wanted to share this Christmas time, I got to thinking…why is the coming of December 26th the end of thinking about the incarnation (the coming of Jesus from heaven to Earth to live down here with us)?

Here we are on New Years Eve, and Christmas has already faded away.  For a lot of people, I know that Decemeber 26th has a Christmas magic all its own…poof, the tree is gone, the lights are gone, the radio stations are playing “regular music,” and all that is left is an empty spot the room where the tree once stood.  I remember in years past that the empty place left an empty place in my heart.  Is that all there was for Christmas?  How did that “Christmas feeling” fade so fast?

This year I do not want to end it that way.  I propose a boycott.  No, this is not an excuse for me not to take down the tree.  It is already down.  What I mean is that is that we don’t just turn our backs on the symbolism and kindness that Christmas brings.  I don’t want to wait to let God to use the meaning of Christmas in my heart until I have overeaten on turkey and mash potatoes (Thanksgiving reference, to my non-American readers).  I want it to be something that comes up in my life from time to time, and I want to let it linger a bit now.

God really has taught me so much about the symbolism of Christmas.  I am not going back on what I said before about Christmas needing to be more than a feeling and about baby Jesus.  I am talking about how it all points to Jesus’ sacrafice, my forgiveness, and my new life through Christ and the Spirit.  I want to be inspired to help people out because of how Jesus stooped down to help me.  I want to give of myself.  I want to be light in the dark winter.

For this reason, don’t be surprised if I write “Christmas themed” posts from time to time.  I want to share more about what God taught me.  I promise, it will not be all that I write and I will try not to be over-the-top with it.  I just need to contiue to share how awesome the picture of what Jesus did looks from the perspective of what Christmas represents…the coming of our Savior.

Join me in my protest.  Don’t give up on Christmas!

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