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The Reality of the Moment

Well folks, obviously being a father of a three year-old (NB had a birthday) and infant has made blogging hard to come by for me.  God has taught me a lot…mostly about my own selfishness and pride…but I haven’t had time to complete thoughts and share them.  No, this isn’t my “Dear John” letter to the blogging world, just an explanation of my silence.

This morning, since blog time is at a premium, I have decided I am just going to pray “out loud.”  Maybe others are feeling the same things I am feeling, and possibly my prayer can be an echo of what you want to say to heaven but can’t find the words.  I don’t know.  I just know that sometimes praying honestly, but publicly, changes me.  It makes me honest and accountable to God and my brothers and sisters in faith.  So anyway, that is what this post is about.

Father, Jesus, and Spirit,  I cannot tell you how much I feel aware of my need for you today.  I know you know, but I need to acknowlege it to you.  I need to tell you.  I need to split myself open and be honest with you.  I need you to work in my heart, mind, and life today.  Forget yesterday.  Forget tomorrow.  I need you today, right now.  I need to know that you are the goal.  You are my means to reach the goal.  You are my inheritence.  What I have to do today doesn’t matter as much as my relationship with you.  I need you.  I don’t need to do my job perfectly.  I do not have to have everything work out as planned.  I just need to know my God’s presence and let that change me.  Please be near me today.  Please make me aware of your nearness.  Please make your presence all that matters today…and let that change me.  Let that light my interactions with others.  Let there be a “drop of grace” in every footstep that I leave today.  Let your glory shine on my face and make a difference to others.  Let my love be your pure love.  Spirit, produce your fruit in me.  Let your presence grow what I can not grow alone.  Jesus, let your love be my motivation for everything today.  Father, please just draw me close.  I need you.  Father, Jesus, Spirit, I need you.  I love you.  Please help me to try to love like you love me.  your son, joe

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