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I know I have been on sabbatical from the blog lately. I will get back into it soon, but I want to re-blog an old one that has been on my mind. I need to be reminded that it is all finished and I am dead to sin and alive in Jesus. I need to remember the freedom that comes from Jesus “bringing down the house” and freeing me to love and serve him with forever in view. This picture of Jesus does this for me. I hope it reminds you of your freedom, too.


This is how I see Jesus today.  This is the Jesus that I need.  I need my Action Hero Jesus.  I need a steel-faced Jesus walking away from an explosion without ever looking back.  This is the Jesus for me today.  This is who I need to be reminded of.

“Whoa, whoa.  Hold on there, OneCupOfJoe guy.  You can’t bring Jesus down to the level of a movie action hero.  That is so sacreligious.  What gives you the right?  Who do you think you are?”

Just follow me on this one.  It will make sense at the end.  Read on, my patient and forgiving readers!  This is a cool picture that God gave me about the gospel a while back, and it was brought back fresh to me this morning.

I have the privilege and undeserved honor to meet with some men much godiler than me every Thursday morning to…

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